Keep It Like A Secret

put your headphones on and let's dance. title by built to spill. content by db.


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Vimeo’s design and messaging teams wanted to brighten up your L Train commute.


Not On App Store

Someone has cleverly made a sticker that serves as a reminder that the most important things in life are not on the app store. The sticker can be purchased for a $1 each, or you can make your own with the template here


Posted by Gabe 💥

Sometimes, we’re so focused on being consistent that we also lower the bar on amazing. After all, the thinking goes, if we can’t be amazing all the time, better to reset the expectation to merely good. Which robs us of the ability to (sometimes) be amazing.

Seth Godin via Swiss Miss (via secondsminuteshours)


Star Warhols

Netherlands-based graphic designer Chungkong has Combed his love for Star Wars and Andy Warhol, with a series of “Star Warhol” posters.


Posted by Mikaela Ross

Brilliant talk about disrupting the norm, being innovative and the importance of side projects. 

"This isn’t a story about dancing. It’s about having a dream and not knowing how to get there — but starting anyway." Fuck yeah, love this!


Have you ever wanted to print your face on the dining room floor? With Unicorn Graphics — whose “spatial printing” can apparently print a high-definition image on any surface — that dream may be closer to reality. 

(Via Springwise.)

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